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"If you don't like what you're doing, you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove." Timothy Leary
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Dick Cheney and other Republicans won't admit the truth. They insist that credible information vital to the national security was obtained by using torture. Read this brief transcript from an exert from Guantanamo Diary. Below is an automated transcript, but it's very rough. Instead, watch the two minute video at


...the judge's decision back in 2010 is really instructive because as [someone] said
he's the first person who is a neutral person to have reviewed all the evidence in the case and he decided that the evidence in the case with either not credible because it was obtained through torture or coercion
or for other reasons and and I remember reading I in a first-time I was able to read
the diary years ago so much more became clear to me because Muhammadu talks about
the torture that he was subjected to that resulted in him providing false information
about himself and others because essentially he was told that he was told what they wanted him
to say and so he was also in a position he says in the book all the more incriminating the fiction he could make up the happier his interrogators were players one point he talks about and who whatever they ask me about somebody in Canada I had some incriminating information about that person even if I didn't know him
whenever I thought about the words I don't know, I got nauseous because I remember the words all
redacted all you have to say now we're quoting redacted, all you have to say is I don't know, I don't remember and we'll 'f' you and that of course is the obscenity that was used and so Mohammed who says I erased these words from my dictionary and not passage comes after you read about the pain that he goes through and in where the things again as I think about this book in the last year that that we've had with more information coming out about torture our debate about torture last few months has been
so debased anyway because it's focused on effectiveness and of course effectiveness doesn't matter right its unlawful it immoral but I think this book shows yet again that they're really two things that torture absolutely guarantees one is pain and the other is false information.

The truth is this: The most actionable intelligence ever received during our War on Terror was derived by, not torture, but diabetic cookies. The detainee was so grateful for the thoughtfulness that they couldn't shut him up.

So, if you see a redaction in an interviewee's transcript, don't assume it is because they are protecting "National Security." It may very likely really say, "I don't remember" over and over again. And when 2016 comes around, remember: You won't hear from Dick Cheney. The Republicans will not let him tour and stump for candidates. Because the real conservatives know the truth, and some of them really do have principles.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

For My Very Special Friend, Henry

Hippy BirdDay, Henry!

Belated Greetings! Wishes for many healthy years to come!

Please know I didn't forget. This is the first chance I've had to sit up at the desk.

I'd like to extend the same Greetings to those I haven't contacted in some time. I do remember birddays.

I have a hard time doing something about them.
My thanks to a friend, who, many years ago, sent me a similar image as a sketch. I'm sorry I don't remember who it was.

I'd also like to add my ex-husband, who shares the same birdday as Henry.

Image courtesy of a truly wonderous Biology and Geology class-room blog: . Copyleft below.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Said I'm Back. What happened?

I  Said I'm back. What happened? Damned cataracts happened.
I have no problems writing posts with speech to text, but reading and editing is very difficult. I'm undergoing eye surgery, and until both eyes are done, I can't get glasses. As a result, I probably won't be posting for another month until the other is done.
I can do some work on my phone. Tomorrow,  I'm getting a tablet for my birthday. If the tablet is what I expect, I may be posting sooner.
Even before this past week,  I had plenty to say. Recent events having to do with Hamas,  Yazidis,  ISIS and Ferguson,  not forgetting the Ukraine.....  Believe me when I say my eyes may not work,  but I sure see what's going on.  I've got plenty to say about that.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Good Time Was Had By All

We talked about digging a hole to China.
We discussed different approaches, strategies,
dimensions, instruments, laws of physics.
This went on for 20 minutes.
We spent the next 25 minutes laughing at our folly.
In our Country of Two.
A good time was had by all.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My New Groove

I've been ill for the last year, and seriously ill for the past six months. Now I'm trying to turn things around. I thought a song to get into my "new groove" was appropriate. I know a lot of people forget that happiness even exists. So try to remember. Prozac Nation isn't the only answer. Instead of living passively, I've got to get active. Especially here. Writing. Blogging. Thinking. That's what makes me happy. The real fun starts then. Reading other blogs, staying in touch with my best virtual friends and meeting others online.

For the lyrics, you can go to

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Phoning It In

&nbspI've never had a problem with writer's block. So many impressions, ideas, thoughts, and especially controversial subjects flood my mind that at times I have an inner narrator. Every day, I spend at minimum one hour writing. If I don't, there's nowhere for these ideas to take form. In the process of editing, it's easier to reshape your ideas and grow them to a tighter idea, a rule, or truth that was always there.

The problem I'm having is not that I can't write. I can't fake it, like phoning a post in, because it fails. The last post I wrote wasn't heartfelt. I tried to make a joke out of it. Instead, it comes across as mean-spirited. Having experienced hallucinations, I have the utmost respect for schizophrenics, especially those with deep delusions and see and hear things. It takes enormous strength for someone with that or a similar condition to keep their feet on the ground. What I wrote was cheap and sloppy. As I do with other posts, I read anything I write as if I were correcting students' papers. I was never harsh with them, but I would never allow them to pass in their second best  I will be changing the title and the post.

If I can't write something that expresses the truth in fact and in the treatment I give it, I'd rather not write. So please excuse my lack of posting. I can't continue phoning it in. I have so many true stories that are funny by their very nature. If I don't feel the lightness in it, it will fall like a meteor, all similar stories fated to extinction of the dinosaurs. Who wants to read something that was phoned in?

Monday, September 16, 2013


I've written and expressed my appreciation for the TV program, Supernatural. Yes, many of the episodes, especially in the early seasons, seem to have the same plot lines as other shows. Example: Jinns, vampires, werewolves, but also lesser known creepy creatures.
But on closer inspection, you will find that it has much more meat to it besides the 'beefcake' leading men. It was clear to me from the beginning that, at minimum, there's an English major contributing to the series. The Golden Bough is an essential book for anyone interested in literature, myth and religions. Sometimes, though, the extension of knowledge with a base in theology is very clear. In one episode, all the gods that predate Christianity meet, with the intent of stopping the impeding apocalypse. (Lucifer eviscerates them all, but the Apocalypse is halted by our dynamic duo the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. (cute, huh?) The mere presentation of Greek, Roman, Hindi, Buddhist gods and the portrayal of their characters is a testament to Supernatural being more than a thrilling show with very handsome and sympathetic characters.
I've just discovered another touch that is currently close to my heart. In the past two years or so, I've been reading about Zoroastrianism. Today, I was downloading some of the most vital symbols related to this, one of the first religions. Amongst the images, I see a picture from Supernatural. I went to the source and discovered that one of the early episodes in Season I, I believe, had a demon communicating with devas. When I first saw the episode, and then a second time, it slipped past me. The definition of devas, according to Google, and whatever source I attached to my searches, gives this definition:

plural noun: devas
1.a member of a class of divine beings in the Vedic period, which in Indian religion are benevolent and in Zoroastrianism are evil.
Devas are quite evil in the episode of Supernatural. The plot of this episode can be found here:

The Golden Bough is available for free on Project Gutenberg. It appears as a single book, or with extended titles, and a 12-Volume set. His other works appear there as well. There are both abridged and unabridged versions. The book is available in epub from Google Play Store. Don't let the work intimidate you; it's really very readable and interesting. For example, he covers the origins of the Christmas tree, back to its pagan roots.

As for Supernatural? It's not only entertaining, but one can learn something, too!

Does this mean that scribadiva will become scribadeva? Definition of Diva:
        a famous female opera singer.
"your average opera isn't over till the diva trills her high notes"

No, I think deva is too ambiguous. I'll stick to scribadiva, or scribbles for short. I haven't come close to stop singing. Speaking of evil, I have a post ready to go up on the I'll update this once it's done.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Print queue in Windows

<p> I've never been a huge fan of Windows. Since the faculty where I worked embraced it, I followed suite.
One element of Windows that I've always had trouble with was the print queue. To cancel printing of a document Was almost impossible.
I must admit that now it does move more quickly. The print queue, however, I believe is the only element in Windows that has never changed. Its look and commands are exactly the same. Am I wrong?
This is just one of the 50,000 Thoughts flowing through my head today.

If Anyone has a recommendation is to a good open source Operating system, please let me know.</p>

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Recently, I saw a claim made on a commercial that every day, a human being has that many random thoughts. The narrator doesn't go into this any deeper, such as any epistemological breakdown, such as are the thoughts ideas, and do those ideas emanate from a deeper wellspring of images. That topic and other basic problems of philosophy fascinate me. Then a light cleared the foggy bottom of my mind as I traced from the dream from which I awoke to every thought that left an impression to the immediate present, or now.And it was remarkable the range of passing thoughts that were to varying degrees examined.

I've always had a rich wellspring of images, ideas, pure language, bookmarks and reminders in my head, along with the widest range of emotions. So, please know I have taken hand to pen and pen to page on a daily basis to write as many posts as I can muster. Necessity is my enemy here, b/c i really don't like stopping to eat, or clean, or what have you. The problem is I can not read what I have written! I've found a solution, and soon my posts will be croaking as loud as frogs on a balmy night on a Bermuda beach, along with the millions of other bloggers croaking their ideas, images, thoughts and feelings, hearts and souls.It's quite a lovely sound if you've ever been on the South side of the island.

My next post will be clearer, I hope. Random thoughts.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Two Decisions recently came down from the Supreme Court, both dealing with Civil Rights. The reasoning behind both Decisions was a conservative favorite: When in doubt, favor the states over the Federal government. The effect that these recent Decisions have challenges the very state of Democracy in America. .Justice Ginsberg made this point clear on the Decision on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a protection.against any entity from denying any citizen his or her right to vote.
One line in the Voting Rights Act stipulated that States with a substantial history of discrimination had to report to the Justice Department before making any changes regarding voting. Southern States had traditionally used literacy tests, poll taxes, and quoting the Bible to block African Americans from voting. Even in this century, state and local governments have used disinformation, such as providing incorrect poll locations, identifying people as felons not able to vote anymore when they weren't, and signs saying, 'Election postponed until Wednesday. These things happened in the past decade with the reporting requirement to the Justice Department.
Now the majority opinion of SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) says, in spite of the list above, that the problem is fixed, and that provision in the law is no longer necessary. I say it's more like saying the murder rate in D.C. has gone down, so it is no longer necessary.
But I prefer Justice Ginsberg's analogy used in her dissent. said, to paraphrase, removing the requirement is
like saying you don't need the umbrella when it's raining anymore because you are dry.

I got my information from the Baltimore Sun, which was picked up from the Miami Herald. But you can find the full Decision, including the Dissent just about every where. My favorite was Mother Jones' take on this in 'The Five Best Lines of the Dissent.'

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mash-Up: Why Ads on this Blog? Family, Friends, Enemies, Heroes and Fraud: Did the Government Ever Care?

&nbspWarning: This is Mashup! DISREGARD POST ON THE PAIN GAME!

I have finally long departed Chillcrust. Now, I'm trying to sort through notes while I sort out my life to this point. I did have some very central realizations about what has driven me life, and I've found some examined, though not fully aware issues looking at my context, my narrative, something very few people know well, and most don't know at all.
 I had written about 20 posts, mostly light- hearted, about the most dreadful years my entire life in that awful nursing home, from which I've escaped, although those dogs still hunt. I was wondering who put ads on this blog, and wouldn't you know? Someone sent false papers in my name to Mass Health saying I was working for myself. Since I know I am not, either this is just more of the same harassment, or they have had a dog land on something, namely setting me up. If friends here in the blogosphere didn't do it, I suppose that's the only explanation.  I know the likely culprit. Despite their best efforts, they have not driven me insane.
(Oh yes,  they'd pile into the room next to mine and talk to me to make me think I was hearing things. Then, the CNA's, some I believed to be FRIENDS, come walking out in line from the room. All have the attitude, what? me worry? I don't have friends like that, I don't have to repeat the saying, do I?)
For some reason, these people are bending over backwards for me to sue them? What, the Fraud Departments haven't hurt them enough? Or they're letting them hang themselves? Don't know, don't care.
  Actually had a long list of those and I wie will do something with that. But while I've been thinking of this a black hole love marriage from, I realized exactly what is influenced my entire life.
 Oddly enough, it was the Vietnam War. My brother is ten years older than me so since I was four yts he took me with him every where he went. much to the concer- nation of my father, my mother insisted on going back to work. She was not only a feminist.. But I was already in pre-school at age 4, and she just wasn't built for being a housewife. In spite of the home and car my father bought her for a in the Poconos, she refused and forced him to sell it.
Another mix in the marriage--big surprise--Dad was a Conservative Republican, Mom an FDR liberal. Election nights I spent with my mother's family. My father was at one of a couple of hotels he was partners in at one time or another. When my brother and I were young, we would spend weekends at the hotel. I ran the switchboard at age 4, and I think about people calling and hearing this Minnie Mouse voice. It may have seemed quite natural, since that hotel, the Flanders, was host to musicians and dancers, people like Louie Armstrong and Billie Holiday, whom wrote posts about before. During the week, Dad always came home and had breakfast with me. The eating habits recommended by Dr. Spock--yes, I'm a Spock baby. I'm sure there are many twenty and thirty somethings  many 20-somethings don't know they are Brazelton Babies/Dr.T..Berry Brazelton, considered
 "America's most celebrated and influential baby doctor since Benjamin Spock"
 See, I did not know others thought that, too until I looked up the full spelling! I can tell you, first, I've met him, and he's very personable. Second, if your mother was in the Junior League, I guarantee you are a Dr. T. Berry Brazelton Baby. He also had a television show, so he was very popular. If you don't know, ask your parents if you are still lucky enough to have them.
For Baby Boomers and Gen Xer's, Dr Spock was the man. This is when true heroes were made. Daniel Shorr became my hero, (I have his obituary around here somewhere from about 3 years ago, when he died at was it 96? Sorry, I'll have to check.) He was fired from CBS because he, along with The New York Times, leaked what is known as  Pentagon Papers, original whistle blower and also my hero, Daniel Ellsberg who at the time was working at the Pentagon.  He's on Facebook, and I made a fool of myself sending this bubbling, childish friend request!  We watched Dan Rather everyday, because he was a reporter then in Vietnam. Do kids know that? (I'm sure MadMen fans pick some of this up. I can't watch it, it makes me ill, not sure why. Maybe it's the accuracy, or watching my parents from another point of view). Speaking of my. . .(more dull details...)

I started this post on my phone on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 1:54pm and finished today. PROOF that Speech Recognition leads not to smooth writing, rather more of ramble, at least in my case. Maybe using a stricter outline. Don't yell at me, the title is accurate, no? COMMITTED TO TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.
Shared with Memoires for Android 

Burn, Baby, Burn--UPDATE

Bob Dole, in an interview with Fox News, was  what should the Republican Party do right now? The answer?
"Close the doors and put up a sign saying closed for repairs."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

From Google+ Internet Freedom Movement

Internet Freedom Movement from G+: Read this article by following this  link.

If you want to read the story without going to Google+.

I think it best to read it on G+ first, so you get an idea of what it's all about.
on G+, they add:the lesson from what a judge tried to do in U.K.
Read + Share + Spread=Censorship doesn't work! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bicycle Thief: From Green Deals

Casey Neistat and the New York Times  put this video together to show how easy it is to steal a bike from New York City. Pittsfield, a small city of 50,000 people, has an astronomical number of bikes stolen, although the police couldn't give me a concrete answer as of late.
In six weeks, four bikes were stolen from different people in  my building.
I found this video on Green Deals, where I found 2 bags made from celluloid film pre-1980's. Fully recycled, they say that, held up to the light, you can see images of the film from which it was recycled.
Too bad they didn't market them as the bag with the film of your choice.

I never get feedback, at least not on the blog, but from what movie would you want your bag made?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Considering Roe v. Wade is still the Law of the Land

If a fetus is a person, and a corporation is a person, does that mean we can still use, according to law, money, which is free speech, as an insurance protection of our rights, or can we abort a corporation, like an insurance company that denies us birth control or termination of pregnancy?

And when will people stop using the term, "pro-life?"  Too many of "them" are pro-death penalty! They are anti-abortion, and pro-death...unless the mother's life is at stake, which they have no problem with her dying. "Why shouldn't she go to hell? One person asked me. I would have thrown him out of my window, but it was my virgin roommate's 50th birthday. That isn't even the worst thing he said.

This could have been better if I had given it thought. I'll work on it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Travon Martin, Disenfranchisement, Truth, Reconciliation and a New Path for America

This is merely a suggestion. We have never had a Truth and Reconciliation Process here. If it works in South Africa and Rwanda, why not here? The only strike against us is that it should have been done 100 years ago. Another perfect time would be when the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965.) In spite of the best efforts on the right, strongholds of the Democratic Party, like students and minorities, are being disenfranchised now. But I refuse to think it's too late. In fact, it may be exactly what this country needs right now.

What do you think? This is off the top of my head. I haven't thought it through fully. Any suggestions?

If you think these are two separate things, I strongly disagree.

Evaluating e=cigs

Below is a copy of a note I wrote on Facebook. The link sends you to a consortium of e-cig makers that have comparison charts regarding quality, flavors, strengths, and different types. There are also e-books that explain how they work, how to make your own "juice." THIS IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE TO LOOK, AND I'M NOT ENDORSING IT IN ANY WAY.



   Just checking it out for IMHO posts for products for people in pain and disabled. I've checked out some apps/programs to make posting easier.For now, I'm trying a few different brands of electronic cigs. I know many others like me have smoked a while, and when in pain, it's helpful to cope. Doing it without consequences is great SO FAR. At least you won't feel sick, and your lungs, breathing is so much easier. I've slipped, but I've gone two weeks now on prescription Nicotrol (only nicotine, which affects norepinephrine, dopamine, and other brain functions affected by anti-depressants and PAIN.Now trying Vapor, so I can take my time dropping down in dose. I AM NEITHER CONDONING SMOKING NOR SAYING THE VAPOR E-CIGS ARE SAFER. I just feel better smoking these, in moderation. When I find good deals, if people are interested, let me know. I can direct you to guides and ways to compare, etc. I don't know if I'll add a separate blog to sell things, but will stay ad-free:When I find something useful, I will write IMHO. Open to requests. 


Once I find an apartment, I am outta here! Miss you all--will be changing email address for friends; tackling 30,000 emails is a daunting task, especially when Google says repeatedly "Why bother?" It's not junk, either. I hope we cruise into Spring with no interruptions. Enjoy whatever you are doing, and I wish you all happy, productive, healthy and pain-free days ahead, if not lifetimes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Dies at Age 42

Does anyone think Pat Robertson spoke to God and he was told that Breitbart was struck down by Heaven for his deceptive, evil ways? 

Reuters) - Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, an influential voice in U.S. Republican politics known for his attacks on liberals and Democrats, died unexpectedly of natural causes in Los Angeles early on Thursday, his family said. He was 43.
Breitbart was walking last night near his Los Angeles home when he collapsed, said his father-in-law, actor Orson Bean.
"He collapsed on the sidewalk and...  whoa...

Orson Bean? Really? Who knew?

I'm sorry. I must seem cold-hearted. But maybe without his input, the coming elections will be tolerable. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I want to point out that I'm not really this late to find the fun in Fang. I had heard of them, but I caught this song in a movie The Nameless. Fang is a Spaniard version of Portishead, with two exceptions. They have their original sound;; Fang is not a derivative band. They are also bilingual.

While I have a playlist, I chose to post this song, b/c, with the exception of my virtual friends, every one I know has a Little Black Dress. It's the perfect single piece. You could wear it 365 days a week, for both work and play, and not have the same dress on every day. Accessorizing it is the key. I did see the photos done in a magazine. (I'll add more along these lines in Ladies in Red; it's more appropriate posted there.

I have the full playlist on my blog, and at some point I'll post the entire playlist. You may see it further down the sidebar, where I have my blog playlist. I'm still collecting videos for the list. The playlist's name is FANG.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

You Can Look at This.....


and you can look at this:

to be continued....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Quick Note About People Confusing Opinion with Facts and the Real World.

 A Quick Note About People Confusing Opinion with Facts and the Real World.

Speaking to one of the residents here said, "Warren Buffet just wants his name in the paper." I burst out laughing.
I think I have a grasp of why people vote against their interests. But this? I refuse to waste time on this guy's views. Rude as I think I was, he didn't seem to notice or care.
I'm sure I'll see him tonight, and I'll point out that Obama pays more taxes than he has to.

I hope to catch up, let everyone know what's going on with me. I've got so many posts written, I only have to transcribe them. Dragon is not working, so I need a new disk.
The new format will slow things down until I get used to it.
Missing all my virtual friends. I'm not elitist, but I need an infusion of clever wit, creativity and intelligence you all share with me. I NEVER take any of you for granted.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blue Kuan

Juan yiin


Heat Photo

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Changes Related to Google Buzz and Reader


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I have posts ready to type up, but Chazz came across this perfect sign:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Save a Life

Black man. White murder victims. No physical evidence. Sentenced to death despite massive doubts.Sound familiar?
This is Reggie Clemons. Like Troy Davis before him, Reggie has been in prison for 20 years, waiting for his home state to end his life.
Will you write a letter to save a life? Sign up now to Write for Rights!Rally for Reggie during Amnesty International's Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon. Don't wait - this event begins on Saturday, Dec. 3, less than a week from now.
Yes, I'll pledge to write a letter for Reggie and for other urgent cases! Sign me up - and count my letters toward your 250,000 letter goal.

Read Reggie's story and other priority cases by clicking on the link. The above is quoted from a mailing from Amnesty International. Every letter helps, and to become a member, you can pay as little as you want. You don't have to be a member to receive mailings and to write letters.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chillcrust Valley: Home of Short-Term Thinkers

At Chillcrust Valley, we are allowed to smoke. Supervised smokers can only go out at specified times, and even though they should get 30 minutes, they barely get time to smoke two cigarettes. Independents like me can smoke officially between 9am and 2 pm.
The keys to get out to the Gazebo and smoking area are placed on a thick, long stick. There is also one that's shorter. Both have a lighter on one end, and the key on another.
The problem with the key is that someone  is always taking it. Because management doesn't know how to deal with the problem, stealing the key compounds the problem, and lends a filthy smell of bad faith (which is fairly frequent around here.)
Maintenance staff usually have the key. It was after hours, but we found out that the Artist Known As Leimeister, a very talented painter, was still here. He was paged, and while my friend went to meet him at the access door, I finished talking to a staff member about what possibilities we could set up for the rest of the night, because the next day is The Great American Smoke Out, and I wanted to get my last cigarettes in. That particular staff person had no idea, except to page him, something the nurses wouldn't do.
So I joined my friend, who was already outside.
 I said, "What did Leimeister say?"
"Nothing. He let me out."
"And what about tonight?"
"What about it?"
"Did you make arrangements for tonight," meaning, did he explain to Lee that he had the only key.
He looked puzzled.
I said, "You are a Republican, aren't you?
After a pause, I made clear that I wasn't talking about politics. I wanted to know if he had a party affiliation, that he was Republican.
"Why? How did you know?"
Now this is something I've learned from reading conservatives, and writing in Neo-Cons when only one person identified himself that way.
How did I know he was Republican?
Short-term thinking.
My friend the Republican should have made some kind of arrangement with the Last Key-Holder. Instead, he though about that cigarette and his need for it, and forgot others would need the key, or that he would need the key.
Even worse, the entire administration here are all short term thinkers. This once was a hospice, and a home for people with dementia. That population could complain and demand justice in one minute, and completely forget. This top-heavy institution isn't used to younger  people coming in for rehab, b/c we remember what was said and promised, and what wasn't done.
The younger ones can't be fixed with momentary bubble gum, a rubber band, and paper clips. So the managers here deal  with short term solutions, and when it turns back on them, they don't understand why.
Even in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, conservative short term thinking is a problem.
Part I of a continuing series....

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Surprising Idea About Knowledge of Christ.

How many Christians, especially Catholics or Anti-Semites, realize that Jesus Christ was Jewish?
I mentioned this to a student while he was hanging out with some friends. They all said they would "check with Father Bruno."
Father Bruno was a Cuban Priest, one who "relocated" to Mexico sometime in the 1970's.. I practiced my Spanish and German with him.
This lack of awareness is not limited to Mexico. In fact, I see it with some regularity here in the United States.
German anti-semites think McDonald's was started by a Jew, one who chops and grinds up corpses, to serve them as hamburgers.

This ignorance or unwillingness to make this fact clear, I find, is quite disturbing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elmer Fudd Day on Google and No One Told Me?

Any search I've done tonight has the following:

Show mowe wesuwts fwom:

followed by whatever source had multiple listings. It's as if it's in the voice of Elmer Fudd, who sings "Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit." I like to point out to people that 'wabbit' is a real word. Commonly used by the British, when the "Iron Maiden" (Maggie Thatcher) retired and asked how she felt, she said, "A bit wabbit," meaning tired.
The difference here is that both the letters 'r' and 'l' are replaced by 'w'.
I'm sure everyone knows what's going on but me, so if anyone has an answer, please let me know.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The New Pollution: A New State of Consciousness Is Coming

I wrote this and a few other posts before the occupations around the world began. I am absolutely delighted as recent developments unfold. The media claims there really isn't a political movement, that it is a social movement. This is a wise move on the part of the protesters. This IS a socio-political movement, much like the Tea Party. The exception is that the Tea Party is "carrying the water for the very people exploiting them."  The Tea Party, once elected to Congress, showed they don't have a clue about true leadership and the making of laws.

I'm grateful for the protesters who are out there at great risk to themselves. I've been trained in civil disobedience, and right now I can't partake in that.

So I'm redacting the original post, b/c this movement has changed the endgame. The post started with this:
When will this end? Maybe 2012, which will not bring Doomsday in the form many expect.
 The House tells the majority of  Americans to  "Piss Off". The decision by SCOTUS on Citizens United may as well have said, "No Money, No Job, No Good."

Obviously, the game is changing, and talking about Congressional action, (if you can find any) seems like a lot of nothing.

As I said, I'm grateful for the protesters that are out there. On Wall Street, which is the Home of Freedom of Speech, when it was under Dutch Rule, the protesters are pitching tents. They've already promised to return in the Spring with grass seed.

The response from the so-called Masters of the Universe? "The 1% doesn't care." (displayed in a window.) If they are so smart, they should remember how the French Revolution started. Perhaps they wouldn't be so cocky.

to be cont.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maybe This Time ..

This will post. I am writing daily. We are in quarantine, but this must be one of the silliest attempts at controlling a small population. There is plenty to write about.  Setting up a decent work environment, proper equipment and a totally sterile, everything in its proper place are conflicting goals. Since visitors see my room before any others, the administration insists on neatness. I should have told them from the start.


So while I'm waiting for my desk to be fixed, I found myself an extra curtain. Now I can save those poor suffering visitors that are so offended because my bed is made, but there are papers on it, and this constitutes a mess. I will simply retreat behind my curtains and every one will be happy!

P.S. The point was to see if Blogger on my phone works, and it does! Once again, I'm trying Blogger-droid (I think? and can't get through. I will give it another chance. The rest of the stuff is true.
to be cont.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hells Angels Provide Breaking News?

I saw this on Facebook from  Welcome to Planet WTF?                                                     The quote has the original link.

We've had Hells Angels around forever. So why all the attention now? They murdered and buried three people. One of the victims--wrong time, wrong place. Since when has the media given them so much press? And why? It's like saying "The Latin Kings are going after the Crips." Gang news used to be covered in public restrooms. It's "It's Breaking News?"

   Now Gang News makes the  front page. WHY?? 24/7 NEWS ATTENTION CAN'T FIND SOMETHING ELSE? What about African politics? Shouldn't someone do some more international news. After all, what about Mugabe, whose personal hero is Hitler??? 
    I'm just sayin'..........IMHO


 A review of the movie Clap on Netflix:

Clap DVD(2005) NR
Filled with street tales from a variety of artists -- including Camron from the Diplomats, Young Buc from G-Unit, Maino from Hustle Hard, J-Hood from D-Block, Ice-T, Cyssero, Jojo Capone and Pisstol Pete -- this hard-knocks collection of clips also reviews the five essential codes to survival in the 'hood. Sure, you might live in the safety of suburbia … but that doesn't mean you can't see how the other half lives.
MusicUrban & DanceRap & Hip-Hop

Monday, August 15, 2011

ENO IS GOD: "Dead Finks Don't Talk"

I have been looking for this song for much longer than necessary. We have the album, "Here Come the Warm Jets," and there are a few reasons I had to find this. [the albums hiding out in a storage facility."

First, about Brian Eno. I wrote Eno is God, b/c when I went to NYU, in the middle of Washington Square Park, someone had spray painted it on a crosswalk. I want to do a post on the brilliance of Eno, but for now just a few facts for those unfamiliar:

Were it not for Brian Eno, we would not have the Talking Heads, U2, 801, and so many other bands. He has played with the greatest, including extensive work with David Bowie and David Byrne. He was the first to use a typewriter on a Moog. And when he broke his leg, he was the first to use continuous loop. He put on Pachobel's Canon, and as a result, he wrote three variations, along with an original composition, all contained on the album Discrete Music.

You've probably heard Eno, and you aren't aware of it. He's written albums like Music for Film, Music for Airports, and one of his works was used for the original miracle of birth movie, where you see the fetus developing.

Given all this, Brian Eno is primarily a rocker, and don't forget it. Like most iconoclasts, he has a very unique path that he's taken. He's very good at defying labels and pigeonholes, so to say that he is a rocker alone is not sufficient.

I recently read an interview with him on Creativity, but this is all for now. I just had to get that song. Oh, the most important reason? A friend wrote 'headless chicken' and that reverberated throughout my brain, and I just had to track it down.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Can Anyone Claim Life is Boring?

One more update, and when I can, I will delete the first. On Sunday morning, I had a heart attack. Chazz was awake, and had me at the hospital in two minutes. I'm feeling so much better. I can't type right now, but as soon as I'm on my feet I will go into detail.
I hope every one is in good spirits, and have a loow pain time. Sweet tides, Linda 

Friday, August 5, 2011

From NationofChange: "Tea-Bagged Boehner

 When I saw the title on this great rendition of "The Orange Man," I had quite a different picture in my mind. Take the original meaning of "Tea-Bagging" or "Tea-Bagged." Then, use the pronunciation that Weiner suggested he "embrace," and I think you can see what I saw when I read the title, before I saw the sketch. It's just too funny, in a raw way.
Even funnier, after all that Kabuki Theatre, with Orange Man twisting and turning just to please the Tea Baggers, not a single one of them voted for this phony crisis. They know how to create conflict, but don't have a clue about governing and rule of law. Big surprise. And yet, look what damage has been done to the Market. (Longer post needs editing.)

About the Artist:
Stephen Pitt is NationofChange's art director. Stephen is a southern California artist whose work focuses on matters political, social, and economic. In 2004 Stephen began drawing and painting political imagery to communicate his sincere displeasure with disturbing changes set in motion by ideologues acting in bad faith. With a background in figurative drawing and respect for color, Stephen traded the 6B pencil for a digital stylus and went to work. Published by the San Francisco Chronicle and Z Magazine, Stephen’s work has since been seen on Truthout and Firedoglake

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

Watch the videos afterwards. They are a hoot!

A Cool Find on Windows 7, and Some Good News

ON TO THE COOL THING: I use Chromium, so there are a number of ways I can bookmark or otherwise tag a blog. Windows 7 will place the name of the blog on your START MENU. Well, it knows your default browswer, (that is, if Live doesn't steal your mail, and Bing continually pops up as your default search, and IE your browser.)

I just love the idea. Instead of bookmarks, I can have entire columns, and when in the mood to read them, I just jump from my Start Menu, and I'm there. That's cool to me.

As some of you know, I occasionally write goals and some of my failings onto a post that has little to do with the subject. But it's not entirely non-political. It's like having a Bill in the Senate that's for, say, naming a bridge after Ronald Reagan. Just to get the bill through (usually a more important Bill,) you'll find a certain Senator tack on, "Any state that begins with the letter "U" will no longer pay taxes."

How many states begin with the letter 'U' ? (I have found that people outside the U.S. know the states and their capitols better than most Americans.) First, it shouldn't take political junkies long to realize it was Orrin Hatch. Why do you think he and Teddie were such good friends? Hatch is FUNNY. And secondly, I swear to all that I am and know, IT'S A TRUE STORY. The Bill was more important, but he really put it in there!

So this post is sort of like the state of scribadiva. On a completely different matter: I've got well over 3000 bookmarks I've just recovered (YAY!) The hard part is I have a lot of blogs listed there that I promised to check out, and I will do my best. It will take a long time, but if I set a goal of two a day, I might get through them by the end of the year.

I'm still negligent and not very good at tagging, so if any boy has a notion, besides Wikipedia or its computer counterpart, please let me know.

Thanks to TimeThief for the importance of permalinks, or backtracking, all of which I briefly read about before, but neglected. I can think of a lot of sites that deserve it. Now I'm going to take her advice and use it.I just need to read more about it. I'm also looking at other social media outlets to see what would be a good fit for both politics/current events on this one, and disability, pain, medical advances and the law.

GREAT NEWS: I was whining about needing an intern, and after the surgeries, I'll be able to get one or two to begin with from one of the high schools, as long as they get credit for it, which I'm assured they will. In the high school I attended nearby, I took two years of independent study on China, from the very beginning to the "Gang of Four." I also took a year in Genetics, but mostly for horticulture.

MORE GOOD NEWS! have a partner! We are still working on details, and we both have other time constraints getting in the way. I have a few friends that want to learn about blogging, so I've set up 'scribadiva demo,' blog. I just have to let them know I'm ready to go!

N.B. Thank you for your birthday wishes. I didn't know I could use it as a Cause, and found out too late. My friends usually give me gifts during the year, and normally I do, too. I went to see my PCP, tell him I'm willing to go into a kind of nursing home--it rehab before surgery. I can't put this off; soon it will be too late. When he wrote my script, he noticed it was my birthday, and he gave me this cool piece of petrified wood that is as solid as stone. You can see the rings on it. It's Jasper stone, but I think there are Jasper trees in the South. I have to look it up today.

If I go to Pre-hab, I'm taking my computer: The phone and the NextBook will not do. No computer, no pre-hab. I told my doctor that's a deal-breaker.

I'm sure I'll delete this in a few days, at least the personal stuff. For at least 5 hours, I spent writing, and it will keep me in posts for at least a month. Add to that all the drafts I haven't finished on both much to write, so little time.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Michael Jackson Plays Edgar Allen Poe? From Wired

Yes, this is what you get when publishing with Blogger-droid. Guess I'll try the other one available on the market.

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Destiny - Broowaha

Destiny - Broowaha

American Association of Pain Medicine

State by state legal regs involving opiods, you can get there from USPF, or go to

A Guide to State Opioid Prescribing Policies | Medscape
A Guide to State Opioid Prescribing Policies Too many rumors going around. Check your state for the real law.  THIS LINK CAME FROM United States Pain Foundation on Facebook, or directly to their site.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Justice Department Investigates Bullying Against GLBT Teens

CNN Presents produced a story on the pattern of abuse suffered by teens in Michelle Bachmann's District. This clip is an update from Lawrence O'Donnell's Show. The result has been a number of suicides, even of teens that weren't gay. The Justice Department is investigating the School Administration's laisse faire approach to this issue, which you would think would be their top priority. . The best part is Bachmann's "intellectual" dishonesty, where she is worried about First Amendment Rights. Apparently, no one told her about hate speech and crime being a federal offense!

Clearly, she hasn't an ounce of compassion for anyone.  Her husband is an unlicensed therapist for "Pray Away the Gay," which he had admitted, albeit in the name of "what the patient wants." Maybe. Maybe not.

Michelle Bachmann claims to be a Constitutionalist. But she didn't read far enough to get to the 14th Amendment, Paragraph 4, which states that we can NOT ignore our bills; they must be paid. And yet, she doesn't want to raise the debt ceiling. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet the Secretary of Treasury Lil' Jon: Outta Your Mind

this song has ADULT LANGUAGE.

Okay, maybe I'm a little angry, but this song is now my ringtone! I'm a little fed up.  I'm posting this for another reason.
 In this song, you can hear him repeat "What" an awful lot.
So Chazz and I were thinking: When Obama became President, we thought he would become the perfect head of the Treasury. 
"Hey, I'm from Countrywide, we need $3 Billion."
"Forget them. We're from Goldman, Sachs. We need $25 Billion, and WE are too big to fail."
'Okay, who is really in charge here?"
In a very calm, reflective tone, Secretary of the Treasury Lil' Jon, first pauses, and then says:
"I am, and I reject your request not only on the basis of audacity, but also your complete lack of manners. How dare you ask for Corporate Welfare while you created the worst economic disaster since the Depression. You expect the American people, whom you defrauded, to pay you so you can defraud them again? In fact, you've stolen from the entire world, and thrown all of humanity  into a depression based solely on your greed. Quite distasteful.  You are a disgrace to the nation. " He turns to his aide, and says, "Call Security. Good Day, sir, and I use the term loosely."
Yes, Lil' Jon is very surprising. He doesn't only say, "What?" And I'm sure he'd give the money to, say, Stimulus Programs. 
I know Goldman, Sacks paid us back, but they're such a good target since they are TOO BIG TO FAIL. In comparison, I'm a speck of dust, but I still have to "share in the sacrifice." I wonder if they take organs as payment. Because.....I'm Outta My Mind! "YEY-AH!"
Maybe you have to see the other video.  Ever see Dave Chappelle's impersonation of Lil' Jon? I also have a playlist of Chappelle on my YouTube Channel. Sorry, I can't embed this.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stop the Execution of Mark Stroman

No more killing

 "Why do we kill people to show that killing people is wrong?"© Rais Bhuiyan

 Isn't that a good question? How insane is that??!?

"Mark Stroman is scheduled to be executed on July 20 for killing Indian immigrant Vasudev Patel in a series of shootings of people he believed to be Middle Eastern after the attacks of September 11, 2001. One of his intended victims, Rais Bhuiyan, survived and opposes the execution. Join Rais in taking a stand against the perpetuation of the cycle of violence by taking action to stop the execution." from Amnesty International
Please follow the link,and sign/amend the letter.

Use Fried Eggs to write story together

140 characters.
10 participants or more.
Write a line or two for the story.
Number each entry.

We did this when I was in high school. I'd pass my journal around, and either one or a team of two would write a line or two. Just enough to express the idea, while leaving room for the story to take a twist. And twist they do! They were always really hilarious, and extremely meaningful at the same time.
There shouldn't be a deadline, but b/c we are not in the same room, some kind of time allowances should be established.  Fried Eggs is a great forum, It will also bring people to the site; I've mentioned this to a few people who are interested, although at first I said Twitter.

There is a danger, without numbering, or skipping an element in the story, that a person may split off and create a new universe!  Like the cat in the box!
Now how much fun is that?

Help Write Lyrics To this Melody MELODY WITHOUT LYRICS
Below, find the proposed lyrics to the melody. NOT MINE.
Melody by Kinia Grannis

  • v 1 main melody ) They say that if we seek then we shall find they say that, pain is just a state of mind, they say to lose is better. than having nothing to recall. and that time will make us whole and let all heal, (v2) Who writes best , the bleeding poet or the thief , who drinks deepest, from the welling pool of grief, ohhh'ahh'ohhh who sends the young upon a darkling dance, while their elders darkly grieve. their face a mask.set hard, so we'll all yet believe.

Rally Cry

The Bloggers Manifesto

Artwork: "Beneath the Skin" by James White."The Rape of Proserpina" by Luca Giordano



"It was in Spain that [my generation] learned that one can be right and yet be beaten, that force can vanquish spirit, that there are times when courage is not its own recompense. It is this, doubtless, which explains why so many, the world over, feel the Spanish drama as a personal traged
y." — Albert Camusyhst-15933615135155_2173_2035976


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Close Encounters of the Blog Kind: Alternate Methods of Commenting

There are a few ways to leave comments, depending on your needs. First, you can click under the post and embed the comment.
I will go in and paste it under the post, so no one has to click and wait for the window or page to come up.
Secondly, C-Box is here precisely to make it easier to comment, converse with each other, make references to your posts, and so on. I value your participation in this expedition. Without you, I risk becoming solipsistic, like a goldfish in a bowl thinking that is the entire world because it's the only reality I would acknowledge. I think you can see by the nature of my interests, that is just not me.
Thirdly, I encourage you to use the Review Posting area. Comments should be about the site itself, but can also serve to talk about content. It's up to you.
Finally, you can leave comments on Friend Connect. A problem with F.C. is it was posting at the top of the blog, so to leave was more difficult. You couldn't see 'next blog,' etc. I tried changing the code but no success. So I'm reloading it in the hopes that won't happen. I'm sorry that I lost all the messages there.
You also have the option of contacting me through email or my YouTube channels. Links for that are all over the blog. I am setting up a companion blog with music players from You Tube. Additionally, I'm starting another blog, "The Pain Game," a log of what's happening to me (and a lot of other people.) Even though there is recent legislation that is very promising, the past 20 years have been a nightmare to doctors and patients alike, re: law enforcement harassment. In 4 years, 5000 doctors lost their licenses. I don't want to speculate how many patients died because of it. And this isn't the place for this.
FINALLY, PLEASE BECOME A FRIEND. I'm making friends at other sites like BlogCatalog and Bloggers Unite, and two friend from there are here. But especially my closest friends, show me you've been here! And critique this thing, and be brutal.

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